Pain cream in the works

I have suffered through painful joints from osteo arthritis since I was in middle school. When I was younger, the Dr’s here in the states just blew it off saying I was too young to have arthritis and it was just growing pains. A Dr overseas told me that I definitely did have arthritis. I kept very active and played lots of soccer in school. The exercise helped a lot with the pain. Well, now I am 30 and have two beautiful children ages 5 and 1 1/2. My arthritis has gotten worse. 4 years ago I was referred to an arthritis specialist who put me on a couple of medications. They help somewhat but I still feel plenty of pain after working a full time job. I have decided to try all natural approaches. 

So, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am currently working on making a pain cream. I have so far come up with a great one but I am still working out some kinks. I will keep you posted and hopefully I will have the recipe available for you soon! Wish me luck and feel free to give me any suggestions on oils or herbs to try adding in!

Fingers crossed ❤


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